Friday, July 20, 2007

Argh !

Yeah, I hate these meds !

"When something can go wrong, it will." Damn right, this.
~2 weeks back I took a shot of MMR .
I was told there /could/ be a reaction after 10-14 days, which could manifest as a facial reaction or fever, which will subside in 2 days. And voila ! I have the MUMPS ! unilateral infection, so only my right cheek is swollen. Now they tell me it wont subside for another week or so. Like wtf ! Why isnt there a better way of testing for Mumps other than injecting me with the virus and /then/ checking if my body has the antibodies, coz my body doesnt !! and therefore I have MUMPS ! I actually know why they do this, but I dont want to explain ... coz I'm just frust with the fact that my right cheek jiggles everytime I move a facial muscle. Argh !

Moreover, I wonder why I wasnt given this shot when I was ~12 months old, like everyone else ! Whoever is taking revenge like this must be reeally happy now ! !@^%#

Friday, July 06, 2007

Ive shifted

Too much of a hassle this, blogging business ...

I'm on flickr now .. clickey !

Coming up: My Life at PennState


Okay, so i think i want to get back to writing some crap here. Believe it or not, I was reading Mihirs blog mihirat blogspot com and felt like writing again ! Ironically as he mentions in his blog, I inspired him to write ! Ah well, lets see how long this one continues.

So, here's a quick rundown on what's been happening since I last posted anything here ..
Damn, the words /quick rundown/ remind me of the tech-talks I gave over the last few years, always started off with /a quick rundown on what I'm going to cover/ :)

Anyway, I digress. So, life got interesting after I changed my job. It began at a Mark Knopfler concert. This guy who was my superior, had joined us at the concert. We began chatting about some tech stuff, meanwhile as Vaidaah and Mihir were sleeping in each others arms, this guy asks me if I'd like to join him at work. A few months later I joined his team. From there on, I've made awesome friends, learned some kick ass stuff; tech and otherwise, and partied like crazy !
You'd be amazed to see how my body is immune to large voka and orange juice, until you see me crawl out of the pub in the way babies dont. (douglas adams humour; attempt) ;p

I've met really influential people along the way too. From chaps who sit in their cabins with sub-zero temperatures coz their laptops need it and only come out of the cabin forgetting why they came out(shyam), to chaps whose scalps turn red like a red-bottomed-baboon when they're under stress(patan), I know I've seen a lot. Not to mention people who drink like there's no tomorrow and dont put on an ounce of weight ! (pradosh)

Then comes the "sie kernel team"; a group of 4 engineers(me included) and a boss; whose cubicle was termed "Sparta; the village" after watching 300 (twice). I've worked with these guys, partied nights in a row, drunk (a lot), rolled on highway roads(empty; mostly) when inebriated, and god knows what we've not done. A kick ass team to work with !

Now, I'm in england, where its raining unusually in summer. So effectively, Ive left my country which is experiencing highest rainfalls this year, as it does every year, only to come to another country which is also experiencing unusual amounts of rain this year, that too in the wrong season ! What has the world come to !?

And I'm on my way to get raped (read: masters in computer science) at the pennsylvannia state university at university park. Soo looking forward to the /fun/ times ahead !

More later ..