Monday, December 20, 2004

Wahooo IQ test)

I scored a 118.

which they say is significantly above the average population.

But ... you need a min. of 126(which means super-duper brainy :p ) to qualify for further tests.

I'm sure I screwed up the "which of these unfolded patterns when folded is NOT formed" Q's.

but wahooo anyway : )

Saturday, December 18, 2004


Doesnt it all come down to perceptions ... Beliefs, convictions, conclusions.
I had a very intruiging conversation with a friend of mine over lunch a couple of days back. She believes it still is a man's world. She says , at the end of the day it is the man who will work at anything but family matters, and the woman will take care of the child no matter what... even if its an emergency [child getting sick]!

Now .. I totally disagreed with that. But I heard her out completely and found that her arguments always cropped up from her belief that people never change, their attitudes always remain the same. I say , thats 1 ton of bullshit. Change is a very integral part of everyones life. There's no such thing or event when the change is said to be complete. Your life isnt like some crazy scientists experiment. Its a process, changes / adjustments / sacrifices have to be made. Thats how one moulds his/her character.

About the patriachal society concept... I'd rather work out the differences. Why should one follow the herd. Everyones lives are different... I just cant imagine myself taking charge over all matters. I find it ridiculous to even think about it.

Im very open minded about acknowledging the fact that life is never a smooth sail. I've been through rough patches and have learnt to accept that life can be unfair, one just has to get used to it.

But thats the best part, I'm ready to go through the tough patches.. not that I'm aiming at it. But I percieve it differently. Every fall can be made an opportunity to rise.

Also it isnt the case that Im no longer in good terms with that friend, but I have to say I totally disagree with her notions. I just hope all girls arent like that :)

Over the years as i've become more open minded, I've learnt to enjoy the simple things in life like admire nature. My dad being a psychiatrist had written an article about how the connection between neurons are formed for every thought!

So... if you can spawn a thought and form a neuron connection, why cant you also break it when you want to! Its _your_ brain isnt it !!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Neuron Burning

Been a while since I rambled anything here. So here's a quick rundown on "what's been up".
For starters, the gods have betrayed us .. damn xbox got busted. Then its been more work and more of "others" work. Some chaps here have phrased it very well... they call it Ashwin's consultancy services [acs] extension 209. :-s It's not good you know ! It fouls up my "peace of mind" concept :p

So, other than that, nothing really interesting going on. One of these days, I'm going to stay at home, sleep all day, catch up on reading some novel and stay very far away from my computer(s). Yes its possible !

Ok, so there's this new thing called the "nach syndrome", where a guy randomly digresses from the context of a conversation and starts rambling about the movie "nach". My friends say I have that ! Thats not true....well not entirely true... I dont come back to the same topic ! And even if I do, I'd say its a virtue !
wait wait let me explain ...

No one likes to hear people being back bitched / girls talking about cute ( which is not always cute) stuff / people not knowing where + when to stop / etc etc ... sooo thats where its a virtue. My mind tends to .. as if automatically.. think about other stuff. Now dont be mistaken, I _do_ have control over that. But sometimes I dont :p ... I think it could be extremely helpful when your mind tends to think about things that are beyond your control, but refuses to give up, simply because you really want it ... get me ?

So there..