Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ramble in the bronx

A month without weekends and an extracted tooth later, it doesnt feel so good now. However, losing an inch and a half from my waist and a sexy tuned motorcycle more than makes up for it. I've attained a strange homeostasis :p

After a long hiatus from blogging, several thoughts are waiting to be put into words. So here goes ..
On the geeky side of life..
I think Linux rocks, coz I could succesfully run my USB wifi dongle in 2.6.10 using its windows XP drivers.
Broke your head thinking about it didnt ya!? Well, the fine folks who wrote the ndiswrapper does that. Simply awesome. Now only if it could be ported on ARM, that would save a lot of effort of many embedded systems Co's.
The VoIP team needed the bandwidth so they got the leased line all to themselves through the Access point. The rest of us had to surf on a sucky ISDN line like lusers. So now you see where ndiswrapper came to the rescue. The drivers for that device for linux arent ready as yet, but till then ndiswrapper works like a charm.

Im working on porting a kernel thread sample from 2.4 to 2.6, just for the heck of it. Its interesting to see how task queues have been changed to work queues. The code is done, but has issues when insmod-ing it.

Now onto the other parts of life..
Want to lose some weight ? Just eat rice and dal for a week and a half. Excercise Schmekercise ... not needed.
I think photography is a random hobby for any guy. Give a digital camera to any guy and you'll see what I mean. Googling for photography lessons leads you to some self proclaimed photography pro's galleries .. even I think I'm better off than some. (Although I dont have a digi cam) heehee.

Thought I needed to add something more ...
Its 1:30am , and I'm at work ! gawd whats gotten into me.
This makes me think about what my boss told me. He asked me my birthdate, and concluded that since I'm a sagittarian, I'm impatient and persevere a lot.
Impatient ... I am, but I just cant put down something thats on my mind. I just need to get the answer sometimes. So here I am...trying to get Jffs2 working on AMD and ST flashes.. a thing which I had successfully done two weeks back, but it backfired and started acting strange. However, at the end of the day, or should I say beginning ... alls well that ends well. *for those interested* I was mounting the filesystem on an MTD partition on which data was mysteriously getting corrupted coz it overlayed with the ramdisk. So now with a completely clean partition set aside for jffs2, all works great !

With that note, I shall endeth my post and go home.

Monday, January 10, 2005

On the frayed ends of sanity

Who could just stare into Winamps playlist as it populates 1816 mp3 time tags ? *me*
God, O Almighty , father of all, creater of all, why !? Just ........WHY?

Hey come to think of it; WHY could be an abbreviation for Why the Hell Y ?
And then you could recurse it, just like LAME( LAME aint an MP3 encoder) , or GNU ( GNU's not Unix).

On a different note ..
Do you believe there is some sort of energy out there in the cosmos, that one can connect to through meditation ?
Deepak Chopra believes so. I've read his articles, books.. its all enticing till he says you need to meditate 2 hrs at a stretch everyday.
He keeps saying , we need to take a break from our internal conversations. The world we live in causes us to think too much and in the midst of this rigmarole, he fears, we might lose ourselves. And by connecting to that cosmos, we should realise our real essence, our real purpose, the ulterior motives. Somehow , I see some wisdom in that. But I know I would never be able to follow his advise.
I think most of us , at some point of time, get a grip inside, and develop our own ways of dealing with things, which gives us that satisfactory feeling.

I need to ask someone who meditates religiously, if its absolutely necessary to be completely blank mentally, to start off meditation ? or could imagining something that makes you feel good do the trick, eg in my case, I could just think of the perfect place to live in endless grasslands, small house, perfect relationship, xbox, unlimited electricity, food, and voluntary human interception... uptopian ideal, but feels good...coz if this is good enough to switch to that meditation mode , I could do it with my eyes open, no troubles of shutting down, quiet place or any of that :))

hmm time to sleep...