Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm at it again :)

I just figured out how to use the plugin features of GAIM. So no more ugly source code hacks. I just followed the simple.c sample in their plugin folder and voila ! Lo and behold, you now have fortunes in IM. I've simply used fortunes cookies from linux and routed them to GAIM through a pipe. So far it looks stable enough. Actually havent really stress tested this, but what the heck, it aint no big thing. My TODO things for this would be, to add GUI support for different fortune databases (the simpsons one is really cool).

How does it work?
Now that the interface is clean and all, to enable this, you just need to select the plugin through preferences. Of course you need to compile the source (make from your source trees plugin folder and then copy it to the systems plugin folder (generally, /usr/lib/gaim). Restart/start Gaim, and you will see my plugin there. Just tick it.

Then when someone opens up a conversation window with you, and types fortune , he will get one ultra cool fortune. Of course in this case, its like _you_ are the fortune server. If you want to see the fortunes, either add yourself to your list and IM yourself OR tell your friend to install this plugin.

Here's the source code. I will also convert the Haddock insults patch(See links) into a plugin when I find time.
Till then Happy hacking.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Apple freak

Holy sheeaaat ! I just stumbled upon this site ..

As I see the pics in their gallery, I'm thinking, daaayum I was RIGHT THERE ! Infact thats where I got my mini ipod from, thats _also_ the place from where I logged onto (UK) and cancelled my order for the same, coz they were out of stock with the minis, and I just happened to go to London around that time. And all I can say is, Apple rocks with their decor, sure way of attracting folks. Check out the store pics, and then check out the grand opening pics. B E A utiful !

Another thing I must add : When I reached London, I was searching for this store. Someone told me its on Oxford Street. Its actually _near_ oxford street, Regent street to be more precise. So anyway, I took a tube to Oxford street, got above the tube station, and was simply dumbstruck. The damn street was soo long, soo many shops, soo much crowd. Anyway, I decided to walk on, since I had all the time in the world, hoping I had taken the right turn towards this store. Anyway, as these convictions of street senses go, I was wrong, had to walk back about another kilometer. The funniest part is, I kept walking in the right direction, then I suddenly stopped, thinking damn I must be wrong again, must ask someone, and then, look behind me, blam, I was right at the fscking entrance of this huuuuge Apple store.. all glass store. I remember saying to myself, D'oh, how could I have missed this !