Friday, January 20, 2006

Tech this Tech that

Damn it, I think its time for one of those things called vacations. I mean, my parents never used to say this to me before, but since the time I've started working, they've been after me to take breaks periodically ! Man, I wish I could just go biking, or camping, or just spend a weekend at a lake or something with friends, every weekend or so. Honestly I'm ever ready to do these things, but its fun only when everyone shares the excitement. Also, its really a pity that we cant do many things that our peers in the western (eastern also perhaps) world do, like surfing, adventure sports types. Sure they say there are "adventure sports" near our city outskirts, but I just heard they charge astronomical prices. That just spoils it for me :)

Actually, I dont even need to be going outdoors to maintain that "balanced life". I mean, I _think_ I could even do with watching really good classic movies. The ones that dont make it to our theaters, you know. Plan to watch a movie, depending on what mood I am, lookup imdb, find a perfect match, download it if it isnt available with friends, choose a day, setup the acoustics, culinary stuff and some aqua vitae maybe and then .... just chill !

But I dont think I could do that for too long consecutively. I'd probably need to try out different things every so often. Whatever it is , I'm really looking forward to this Goa trip that should happen around this month end.

The problem with me is, once I get back into the rigmarole at work, all these plans go for a toss, and even if I happen to finish my work earlier than expected, I know I could do some of these things that Ive planned for me, but I still dont do them ! Coz either I'm too tired, or just satisfied that I did my work well. The latter being more probable. I wonder if "somebody" can change that ? :D