Tuesday, August 30, 2005

One of those "Been there done that" things.

Last sunday, we _finally_ hauled ass and went to Tamhini ghat. Its around 75 Km from Pune. Mihir and I drove on my Hero Honda Passion, which was exciting, more so coz the horn didnt work, and the engine would randomly bail out on us. All in all, it was an absofsckinglutely rockin time. Here are some snaps from the trip.

We went right upto these waterfalls, and got drenched.

The clouds coming down. Within the next few minutes, one couldnt see
beyond 5 feet ahead.

(From L to R) : Me, Amol, Mihir, Arun

What can I say ? Empty roads give us the kicks.

Treacherous roads of the ghat.

One of the many random waterfalls on the way.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Holy shit ! I'm tagged :p

Carrying on the tagging tradition. Parag tagged me to answer 10 turn on's and 10 turn off's.
Here goes nothing.

Turn On's:


0. Women :p (not all) *

1. Peace of mind. In-the-zone or whatever you may call it. The state of mind where one feels above or below nothing, but still carries on with life without a hedonist attitude.

2. Creativity. People who can see art in little things.

3. Guitar pros. The chaps who play it with effortless ease. Its as if the guitar talks to them.

4. Flexibility. I should say "balance", coz some people _live_ life to fullest in every possible way.
eg. There's many of them actually, who have fooled around in their life and yet are
respectable personalities in the world.

5. Text formatters: (lol) kidding kidding..I suck at formatting my text. But I rock with my code
formatting, mind you :p

5. Selflessness: I think that explains it.

6. Open source code. :)

7. Tech stuff , Gizmo's etc . I'm in love with my iPod.

8. Engineering. Colossal structures, machines. Raw power, the whole testosterone thingy.

9. England. I just loved the place. The whole natural personality.

**Okay, right about now I'm struggling to come up with something ...

10. Hot chocolate brownie.

Turn off's:

1. Bad temper.

2. Cowardice.

3. Educated people making irrational decisions, and unwilling to at least listen to others.

4. Burger snatchers. I think its a valid term. It basically means, people who just suck up to others (read: superiors) to claim credit for what they've not done.

5. Fake people. The always "yes" people. Or even the elevator-eye syndrome.

6. People with bad empathizing/listening skills.

7. Show off's. People with attitude.

8. Paranoia.

9. Seg faults and kernel panics.

10. MSEB. coz when they turn off, everything shuts off. :p

* Notice how I started with 0 and end with 10. Thats coz not only am I geeky, but the 0th point was just an attempt to be funny. So laugh people, laugh, for I shall like you for it :p.

Meanwhile as I ponder upon whom to tag, check out this link. I think this bloke was in Loyola ?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Southpark me

Well, almost me. The guitar I _really_ have isnt like the one here. But soon, I shallz buy me one of em Fender Strats, to be precise