Thursday, February 03, 2005

my Haddock Insult patch

Gone are the days when QuackBot* was born, thanks to MS for changing their MSN API, that C# code is unmaintenable. So I officially announce the sad demise of our beloved, pedantic QuackBot. But, this time I've done it in GAIM. It would be too boring if I didnt do anything new to it , right? So, no GRE wordlists or any of that crap. This time its Captain Haddocks endless, ever creative insults. Suppose you feel like abusing someone, but dont want to be too harsh, just type "!@# " or anything that ends with a "# " , in your sentence, and voila.
The other chap sees:
(04:39:26) Tyler durden: hello ?
(04:39:29) Tyler durden: you Pithecanthropus
(04:39:41) Tyler durden: damn you Gangsters , sob, Bashi-bazouk

when you type:
hello ?
you !@#
damn you !@# , sob, !@#

kewl eh?

Patch:make it, test it, break it, have fun. (Thanks Parag)

Whats more cool is, since the send_messages protocol is generic, you could use this patch to have fun with any other IM client ( MSN/Yahoo/Napster/Zephyr/Jabber etc )
What you need is the GAIM source package, get it from, then patch it with my file, and make.

Another kewl google idea.. Check this out ..
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*QuackBot was a MSN bot, made in and could give you random GRE words , their meanings and sentences using those words, when you typed GRE.