Wednesday, March 04, 2009

WTF moment

I've been wondering about this for quite sometime now and I thought I should just write this down. The /thing/ in question follows from some self reflection and introspection. There, thats your warning. I'm quite a boring person in general and so I highly recommend you google for an image of fluffy kittens if you're a girl or watch some pRon instead, if you're a guy.

The real question to me has always been: Why? Why do we do things we do? What makes us do them? This includes implusive decisions, snap judgments, long term motivations and so on. Does the understanding of these ulterior subtle motivations define ones /character/ ? Does everything have such a motivation, nasty or noble as it may be ? Where is the fine line between genetics controlling your actions or thoughts and your pre-frontal cortex generated ones ?

If its your brain and your brain constructs neurotic connections for every thought then can you undo those connections ? Do these connections lead to other coritical goo and manifest later as actions ?

Has the internet and social networking craze made us zombies incapable of making choices ? Actually, substitute the two things above with your favourite distraction causing external influences. If we can still make these choices, what drives us to make those choices ? herd mentality ? wannabe-differentness ? If these are the reasons, are they really /choices/ we make or being made for us ?

Is it a good idea to always choose ?